Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Four years have now come and gone and the other day at work one of the girls asked "so what has changed in four years?"

That got me thinking. Really allot has changed, we have changed. We are parents, and I never imagined that we would be a militray family. We have a stronger relationship. I hear so many people say I love him as much as the day i married him.... I don't. I love him more. I love him deeper. My world is different because of him, be cause of us. If you would have stopped me on the street five years ago and asked me where my life would be today I guarentee this would not be my answer.... mainly because i didn't even know Chris five years ago.

I can't help thinking all the time that the second Chris came into my life a new light started to shine. A newness that i didn't know there was, a love I didn't know could could exist. I am so blessed to have met him and I am lucky he decided to love me and ask me to be his wife. The best decision i ever made in life was to say yes! Four years later I wouldn't change a thing.

Yes allot has changed, but so much is the same. So much of our lives will never change.

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