Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So apperently when you don't use it you loose it, or in my case when you forget what name you put it under it gets lost in the spaces of the blogging world. whatever the reasons i'm now starting fresh with my blogs.

So we have had a busy new year. Bree has started going to preschool/daycare and is loving it. I laugh as each day she teaches me new cooky songs.... Miss Suzy had a baby his name was tiny tim she put him in the bath tub to see if he could swim. He drank up all the bathwater he drank up all the soap he tried to drink the bath tub it got caught in his throught.... yeah it took me a minute to process what she was singing. I can't believe how big she has gotten. She amazes me daily with her insights.

We have had allot of rain lately which is so weird for So Cal but the other day Chris decided it would be fun to let bree go out and play in the rain. She was so angelic looking up as the rain came down on her face. I could watch her play for hours. I'm so grateful for the simple days when we are able to share small moments of perfection.